Monday, March 7, 2011

I didn't win the '52 Mantle and (likely) neither did you.

Collectors, double-check your voicemail.
Someone won the legendary 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle rookie just by entering Million Card Giveaway codes during the last year.
The question is how many 2010 Topps baseball rippers remembered or even realized each unlocked card put you in the running for the Mantle.
Topps' Michael Mader, in an exchange of emails this week, said a drawing did take place and a winner selected, but that person has yet to respond. It's enough to make you wish you hadn't listened to all your messages.
Then again, consider the odds. Mader said around 1.6 million codes were entered during MCG's run. Hard to fathom when you put it in the context of a 1-in-6 packs pull ratio. It certainly makes the 90 or so I entered seem insignificant.
The deadline to redeem MCG codes and ship out your MCG collections has passed, so the Mantle drawing truly closes out the promotion - although I'm still in the nine-to-13 day holding pattern for my group to show up in the mail.
Like some others, I don't expect too many surprises in terms of condition. Too bad The Mick won't be surprising me either.

Campana's Corner is written by Dan Campana, a media consultant, former newspaper reporter and longtime collector living in the Chicago suburbs with a sports-minded 6-year-old and an understanding wife.