Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sometimes the breaks go your way

As much as The Son and I prefer to buy boxes knowing, roughly, what we should get, every so often we just grab whatever packs await us at the monthly Rolling Meadows show.
The options weren't great this past weekend, especially with a scant few new baseball products out there right now. Being hockey guys, we never see as much as hockey wax out there as we'd like.
We've already finished off our Upper Deck Series 1 set, which meant we'd pass on the box despite its $55 price. Instead we grabbed the last nine packs of Series 2 sitting there looking lonely and, probably, devoid of any hits.
For $27, why not? If nothing else, we'd be getting a start on our Series 2 set.
Some times the breaks go your way.
In just nine packs, we pulled two no-name Young Guns (one-third of the box's allotment); a UD Exclusives #'d/100 (usually one per box); a no-name Rookie Materials and a Roberto Luongo 2-color game jersey (two jerseys in a typical box); and a 1-of-1 Tyler Seguin Young Guns Printing Plate (one every two-plus cases, likely higher ratio for Young Guns.
Any pack searchers who dared feel up this box before we arrived should probably stick to their day job based on what they missed.
This was just the second 1-of-1 pulled - not including the 2007/08 The Cup Marc Staal plate that came from a case break - in the three years since returning to the hobby. The other was 2010 Topps National Chicle Joe Saunders card that had a leather or ball-like surface texture.
Coincidentally, we pulled a Marcus Johansson Young Guns Spectrum card #4/10 - a difficult pull in itself - from our last box of Series 1 last month. A happy Washington Capitals fan picked it up for $95 from us on eBay.
The Seguin hit eBay last night. We'll see if any Bruins fans will spend enough for our next box buy.
More times than not, we're gonna buy a box, but we'll never completely overlook the loose packs.

Campana's Corner is written by Dan Campana, a media consultant, former newspaper reporter and longtime collector living in the Chicago suburbs with a sports-minded 6-year-old and an understanding wife.


  1. Thought I had seen that card on ebay. Sounds like you have done well with packs. I have not picked up many from Upperdeck Hockey as they seem cheap to me but it sounds like you have done well.

  2. With everything out there, the basic Upper Deck hockey set is annually a very reliable. You can build sets, typically, with two boxes. The hits are consistent, and sometimes better than average. And, Young Guns rookies are always very popular as a solid and attainable rookie card compared to some of the other products.
    Thanks for reading.